Wonders come in National and World form. A World Wonder can be built only once during the game. A National Wonder can be built once per civilization.

World WondersEdit

Religious ShrinesEdit

National WondersEdit

Altar of LuonnotarEdit



Illian Winter RitualsEdit

Peculiar to the Illian civilization are the Ritual of the Winter, that aim to a new Ice Age under the dominance of the new god, Auric.
  1. Samhain: spawns Mokka and his Frostlings - under control of the barbarians
  1. The White Hand:  spawn three Priests of Winter - under control of the Illians
  2. The Deepening: the entire world will be cooled down
  3. The Draw: Illian will pay a high price: the empire will be at war with everybody, cities will lose half the population, units will lose half their health
  4. Ascension: Auric Ulvin will ascend to godhood and will lead the Illian army, but the stronger enemy civiliaztion will gain the mean to stop him (Godslayer).
  5. Stir from Slumber:  spawn Drifa the White Dragon - under control of the Illians. Differently from the main sequence of rituals, it prerequisite is only the Illians having slain a civilization.
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