Fall from Heaven Wiki
Varn Gosam
Allegiance: Malakim
Race: Elven
Allignment: Good
Favorite Civic: Overcouncil
Favorite Wonder: Syliven's Perfect Lyre
Traits: Adaptive (Initial: Creative)

Elven servants of Arawn fled his domain into the Shadowed Vale, a valley kept perpetually in darkness by a thick mist that obscured the border between the Vale and Creation. In the 15th year of the 4th age, a young Auric Ulvin and his companions were trapped in the vale and accused of stealing from the elves. Varn, a prince of the elves, believed Ulvin's denials, although his fellow elves did not. When Varn tried to sneak them out of the vale, his brother caught them and an elven warband was sent to catch and kill the companions. Auric was just growing into his affinity for magic at the time and as the elven warband set upon them he reached through the vale for any source of magic he could find to use. The faint source he felt through it was the Sun, when he pulled its power through he destroyed the barrier between the worlds and flooded the perpetually dark vale with light. The elvish warband was blinded, but Varn underwent a transformation, he saw Lugus in that light and was rewarded for his commitment to the truth (by trying to save the children) by becoming a priest of Lugus. He fled from the Vale into the cold wastes of Creation on whatever path Lugus had planned for him.