After some discussion with Hyborem (the admin), I went ahead and made the Category page for Modmods, as well as the four most popular FFH2 modmods: FF, Orbis, RifE, and WM. (Since Master of Mana has decided to cut all ties with FFH2, it doesn't deserve a spot in the FFH2 Modmods page, but this can be up for debate owing to is heritage as WildMana.)

I've also made placeholders for all of the new civilizations--this was a bit tricky to figure out, as I think the original Civilizations page looks just fine with only the base FFH2 civs (as to not confuse any new FFH2 players coming to the wiki). Another problem with simply listing civs under modmods (e.g. listing the Scions of Patria under, say, the Fall Further modmod heading, is that the new civs are present in more than one modmod. The Scions in particular are present in all four, and it is (a) unfair to only list it once under a single modmod, and (b) not aesthetically pleasing to list it four times (by that logic, we should list all the other FFH2 civilizations from base FFH2 in all of the modmods as well).

By doing this, I hope to encourage some lurkers/newer folk to the wiki to help flesh out some of the new pages, as I will have less and less time to work on these in the coming months.

Enthor (talk) 21:28, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

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