A leader trait is a special ability or rule modification that applies to any civilization led by a leader with that trait. If an Avatar of the Leader will manifest itself as a unit, he may die, losing the associated Leader Trait.

A civilization trait applies to the civilization and persist also if the leader change or is killed.

Traits give advantages to the leaders on their play styles.

  • If Auric Ascended is killed, the Illians will lose all of their leader's traits.
  • If Basium is killed, the Mercurians will lose all of their leader's traits.
  • If Hyboream is killed, the Infernal will lose all of their leader's traits. Note that Fallow is a civilization trait so the Infernals don't lose that.

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Resurrecting the leader will not restore the Leader Trait.

Agnostic is a civ trait for the Grigori but a leader trait for the Illians. That means you can build religious units as the Illians if you play with the unrestricted leaders setting.

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