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Order is a strong religion for a large empire, thank to its Basilica unique building that lower maintenance. Their priests are called Confessors and are able to Bless your troops for a +1 Str in the next combat.

The Order
Worships: Junil
Strengths: Rebellion
Weakness: Inspiration
Alignment Effect: Change to Good
Founded By: Orders from Heaven
Shrine: Code of Junil
Special: 75% Chance to spawn an Acolyte when The Order spreads to new city, or a Crusader if Fanaticism has been researched
Type: Religion


Junil, the eldest of the Gods, had promised to stay apart from the conflict in Creation. No one knows why he decided to change that, some say it was to combat the influence of the Ashen Veil, others that it was jealousy. Regardless of his reasons, he promised salvation to the least of men and asked only one thing in return: unquestioning obedience.

  • Theme: Law/Good
  • Strength: Rebellion
  • Weakness: Inspiration

Overall The Order is easy to understand, but also easy to caricature. They are not infallible, as is their goal, but they are one of the most good religions.

Law is basically a code that applies universally. The Order is certainly judgmental, but that isn't to say they judge based on taste or individual preference. Everyone is subject to the same laws and appropriate consequences, be they king or pauper. Further, they believe this applies to all people, not just the followers of their religion. Consequences fit the Crime, guilty are punished, and the innocent are protected. But while they make a more or less Just society, mercy and redemption are weak points of The Order.

The other theme of The Order is its conflict with demons. The principle reason why The Order is rightly labeled good is because they are willing to die to protect others from demonic oppression.

Upon spreading to a new city, there is a 75% chance that an Acolyte will spawn, or if the controlling player knows Fanaticism, a Crusader.


Any player may consider to adehere to Order temproarly to achive some durable advantage:

  • build Basilica in the most distant and costly cities to lower maintenace.
  • Train a small team of Confessors to Bless your troops before every combat.
  • suppress Demons thanks to Bless (+20% vs. Demons), heroes' free Demon Slaying (+40% vs. Demon)

You may stick with Order to:

  • train Priors, that will sit in your four major cities eradicating unhappiness with Unyielding Order (No Unhappy in City, -100% City Maintenance, -10 to Crime Rate)
  • further lower maintenance adopting Social Order (+1 Happy per Military Unit Stationed in City, +1 Happy from Basilica, +1 Happy from Courthouse)
  • enjoy the random spawn of free melee units, the Crusaders
  • gain the fast moving Valin Phanuel
  • gain the powerhouse Sphener

In late game a large empaire with Order religion, Religious Law tech, Social Order civic, Courthouse and Basilica in every city, will enjoy -80% Maintenance, -20 to Crime Rate, +2 Happy, +1 Happy per Military Unit Stationed.