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The Empyrean
Worships: Lugus
Strengths: Honesty, Compassion, Justice
Weaknesses: Naivety, Tolerance
Alignment Effect: Change Evil to Neutral
Founded By: Honor
Shrine: Dies Diei
Type: Religion


Where The Order values law, The Empyrean values wisdom. Adjudication started from the teachings of Lugus and punishment is not based on adherence to a labyrinthian codex of laws, but from direct consultation on the merits of each case.

Social equality and impartiality are the model between a government and its citizens as well as between empires. As such The Empyrean gives equal voice to small empires as it does those that dominate Erebus. "As every dawn is a new beginning for the world, so too can dawn break in even the darkest heart" The Sun rises every day, bringing a new dawn and a new opportunity. In the same way, The Empyrean prize redemption and reconciliation.

People are given a new chance, even evil-doers. They are not infinitely patient, but err in the opposite direction of The Order. This is extended to other civilizations by leaders following The Empyrean, but if the evil leaders fail to heed their calls to repent, The Empyrean can certainly be roused to arms for their faith.

"The sun brings light and life; do not cloak yourself in shadows, but let your own light be an illumination." Another aspect of this religion is its opposition to shadows, darkness, and hidden things. All of their society is open; people try to live by example. This can lead to a certain self-righteousness, and certainly to gossip, etc., but deception is almost unheard of, and even tact may be rare.

The Empyrean seek redemption where The Order seeks retribution. They argue laws while The Order enforces laws.

The two can be potent allies, with The Order serving as the arm of the more cerebral Empryean, but they have a very different outlook on how best to approach evil. The aspect of creation that the Empryean exemplifies is revelation, that perfect unalterable truth. The quest for these leads to a lot of very high level discussions on most matters and a tendency to seek the perfect answer when none may exist.


  • The Empyrean empire shines!
  • Strategy Guide Written for FfH 2.033 Patch G, by Xienwolf.
  • Theme: Good-Neutral/Sun.