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Social Order
Social Order.JPG
Civic: Cultural Values
Requires: Religious Law
Effects: +1 Happy.gif per Military Unit Stationed in a City
+1 Happy.gif from Basilica
+1 Happy.gif from Courthouse
Reqs The Order
Upkeep: Low


Reqs The Order state religion


Social Order is a civic available with Religious Law and The Order state religion. With a low upkeep and no drawbacks Social Order can add a huge amount of Happy.gif to cities. Happy.gif are often what's necessary for cities to grow and Social Order allows an unlimited number of Happy.gif as long as there are enough military units of any type in the city. The extra Happy.gif can offset the effects of war weariness and other causes of unhappiness though it's important to be careful about the extra maintenance cost of units who exist just to lower unhappiness.