Leaders: Sandalphon
Heroes: Rathus Denmora
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Patron God: Arawn
Emblematic Mana: Death Mana
Totem Animal: Raven
Enemies: Calabim
World Spell: Into the Mist
Unique Quality: Cities Inhabited by Shades
Type: Civilization


Shades, men who have traded portions of their souls for immortality, the Grey are detached from the events of the world. Only intervening to protect themselves or striking out to destroy undead (they see undead as aberrations despite their own use of magic to extend their life), they are happy to keep to their hidden cities, out of the eyes, and the wars, of the younger races.


The Sidar Palace grants additional benefits from all specialistis and settled Great Persons throughout your empire.

Sidar unit of level 6 or higher can cast Wane and be transformed into a Shade, which can then be added to a city as a Great Specialist of any type (except Prophet).

The Sidar unique Hunter, Divided Soul, has the Sever ability in effect granting a short distance teleportation of sorts.

Ghosts, the Sidar Assassin replacement, are stronger than their counterpart and has access to the Hidden promotion granting them invisibility.


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