Runes of Kilmorph
Worships: Kilmorph
Strengths: Economy
Weakness: Deal
Alignment Effect: Change Evil to Neutral
Founded By: Way of the Earthmother
Shrine: Tablets of Bambur
Type: Religion


Kilmorph is the goddess of the earth, She Who Dwells Beneath. She formed children out of stone, the Dwarves, and taught them the secrets of metalworking. One of the first religions available to the men of the world, Kilmorph will answer the prayers of honorable men and even send her soldiers to defend their cities.

The Runes of Kilmorph is a personal guideline, resulting from the stories of the first dwarves, mainly emphasizing personal responsibility. Followers are exhorted to do their best in their craft, deal honestly with everyone, and to repay their debts. This is especially applied to family and close kin, and results in tight communal loyalty. Followers of RoK are usually quite industrious and seldom cheat their customers. Since this results in a prosperous economy, some followers mistake the benefits of the creed for its goals, and greed is not an unfamiliar vice. But they may not be so quick to help a stranger in need, especially one from another culture, nation, or religion, and unlike The Order or The Empyrean, they would seldom be roused to arms in defense of a foreign land--unless those foreigners had done them a favor in the past.

They are also the most traditional of the religions. Bambur exists from the creation of the dwarves and in many cases this tradition is as limiting as it is unifying. Kilmorph exemplifies excellence, but not from raw talent. It is an excellence gained over years of practice and redundancy.


  • Strategy Guide Written for FfH 2.033 Patch G, by Xienwolf.
  • Theme: Neutral-Good/Earth.
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