Allegiance: Sheaim
Race: Human
Allignment: Evil
Favorite Civic: Slavery
Favorite Wonder: Prophecy of Ragnarok
Traits: Industrious

When the gods created Man they created two immortals to begin the species, a man and a woman. The woman they named Gabella, and she was to be the helper mate of the man. But Gabella was defiant and refused to be dominated. When the conclave found her possessed of a dark will and ordered her submission through means physical or arcane she fled to the Bair of Lacuna and was hidden by the goddess Ceridwen. The gods went on to form a new mortal mate for the first man, and through her mortality was passed on to all generations.

In the Bair Gabella adopted the name Os-Gabella - "Gabella the Unbound" - but found herself unable to exist immortal and alone. She may have broken the gods' need to serve, but she still held a need for companionship. The gods knew this and expected her to eventually return. But, still defiant, she came out of the Bair during the 6th generation of man and stole two babies which she took back with her. One she named Alexis and the other Flauros and she raised both as her own children.

Long abandoned by her children, Os-Gabella has tired of creation. Now she seeks to destroy it, and she means to begin Armageddon to do that. She really doesn't care if Hell or Heaven wins in the conflict, she wants to force the gods to end it all, and in doing so end her.

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