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Orders from Heaven
Requires: Way of the Wise
Code of Laws
Leads to: Nothing
Allows: First to Discover Founds The Order
Receive free Acolyte
Valin Phanuel
Temple of the Order
Cost: 900 BeakerIcon.png
Type: Tech

And the Lord did speak unto the warriors, and He did give commands, and He said: "I shall not suffer any to disobey these, my orders. But those who follow them, and heed their words, to those I can promise my protection and favor, they shall be my soldiers, and they shall have their reward at the end of time." Hearing this, the warriors fell to their knees and promised their swords and their lives to the Holy War, and they were born again, and none could stand in their way.- 3rd Book of Junil, 1st Chapter, 5th Passage


Orders from Heaven allows the researcher to found the Order, if they are the first to do so. There is no special technology for the Order. If you follow the Order as your State Religion, you may also build Valin Phanuel, a mounted Hero unit, if you research this technology. You may also build Acolytes, if a city has the Order present, which can spread the religion. You are awarded a free Acolyte if you obtain this technology.