Octopus Overlords

Danalin and Beings Made By Hemah's Dreams

Strengths: Prophecy
Weakness: Judgement
Alignment Effect: Change Good to Neutral
Founded By: Message from the Deep
Shrine: The Necronomicon
Type: Religion


The power beneath the Aegean waves is said to be more powerful than any other, but the Overlords are unfocused and follow a thousand different obscure agendas. The Disciples of the Overlords dare not expose themselves directly to the conflicting commands of their masters and instead use the poor as intermediaries. They are quickly driven insane by the process, which the disciples prefer as it keeps them from manipulating the message. They also share the process of turning a Warrior into The Drown (undead thralls), a process with few volunteers.

Each word of the name can well describe one aspect of the religion. Octopus is a creature more alien to man (and elves, etc.) than certainly any mammal, and even the lizardmen and others. They are incomprehensible, and thus maddening. Completely alien, and so uncaring of human's fate. Overlords show the view of this religion has of itself. Its leaders serve the Deep Monsters, and their goal is subjugation of the world.

Their domain is stolen from its rightful steward, or at least subverted. So the overlords are both reckless and insecure in their powers, and thus rarely subtle; they never use a breeze when a typhoon would do.

The Octopus Overlords themselves are thought to have been created by the the most powerful effective dreams of Hemah. Hemah, in turn, is nothing but an effective dream of Danalin, the God of Water who has chosen to sleep rather than wake to farce a world without his beloved Aifons. Hastur, the Lord of Nightmares and Archangel under Mammon, God of Mind, snuck into Danalin's Vault and now whispers in his ear, corrupting his dreams (the life of Hemah and, through him, the Ovelords and all of Erebus) into a horrible nightmare.

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