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The Neutral alignment is the alignment in Fall From Heaven 2 which represents the beliefs of civilizations that have rejected the sides of Good or Evil to remain on the sidelines of the fight. This doesn't neccessarily imply that Neutral civilizations are unwilling to fight--many nations such as the Khazad and the Hippus are known for their fighting prowess.

Neutral civilizations are characterized not by a general preference for a set of concepts or ideals like those nations that follow Good or Evil--rather, they are characterized by a wide variety of hugely different social structures and ideals that range from the love of sailing and piracy of the Lanun and the lawless raids of the Hippus, to the natural harmony of the Ljosalfar and the god-rejecting heroes of the Grigori.

Similar to Good and Evil civilizations, Neutral civilizations are not forced into war with any specific side--however, they receive a small penalty in diplomatic relations with any non-Neutral civilization (due to choosing no sides in the fight between Good and Evil), yet receive a bonus to relations with all other Neutral civilizations.


Neutral-aligned civilizations have access to several powerful benefits that are inaccessible to those who have chosen a side in the battle between Good and Evil.


  • Receives a diplomacy bonus with all other Neutral-aligned nations.
  • Can use either the Overcouncil or Undercouncil civics.
  • Can build Druids.


  • Hell Terrain will not spread within a Neutral civilization's cultural border until the Armageddon Counter reaches 75+
  • Receives a small diplomacy penalty with all Good-aligned nations.
  • Receives a small diplomacy penalty with all Evil-aligned nations.


  • An Evil civilization that adopts the Runes of Kilmorph or Empyrean religion will be shifted to Neutral alignment
  • A Good civilization that adopts Octopus Overlords or Council of Esus will be shifted to Neutral