Leaders: Basium
Hero: Basium
Race: Angel
Allignment: Good
Patron God: Sucellus
Emblematic Mana: Life Mana
Totem Animal: Phoenix
Enemies: Sidar
World Spell: Divine Retribution
Unique Quality: Warriors of Good are Reborn as Mercurian Angels
Type: Civilization


Basium broke the Compact. He was an angel under Arawn, but when the Compact was signed, he refused to give up the direct battle with the demons. He and a small host of other renegade angels disobeyed their lords and kept fighting. They spend their existence split between time within creation and in hell waging their war directly. They can be found anywhere demons exist. They care little for people; they are only concerned with killing demons, and are sometimes confused with demons because of their relentlessness and their rough warlike appearance.


The Mercurian Civilization cannot be played at the start of the Game. The Mercurians are brought into Erebus by a Civilization building the Mercurian Gate Wonder, Basium will start on that Civilization’s Team, and the Player who constructed the Gate will be given an option to switch control of his Civilization to the AI in favor of instead controlling the Mercurians. Note that for Multiplayer Games you generally need to reload the game, to properly switch Civilizations.

At the start of each turn, all your cities will be purged of the  Ashen Veil and the Mercurians automatically declare war on any Civilization following the Ashen Veil if they have been at peace for more than 20 turns. Throughout the game, any unit with The Order , Empyrean or Runes of Kilmorph religion as well as all of your own Living Units can be reborn as an Angel for your Civilization when they die. Any city razed belonging to a Good or Neutral player can cause 1 Angel to spawn for you. The Mercurian World Spell, Divine Retribution , will deal significant damage to all Undead or Demon units in the world.

Angels need to be carefully nurtured in your Army and guarded from harm. Many will start with enough experience to upgrade to the Higher Choirs, but the rest are rather weak units who need to gain experience to become fighters.
Heralds can cast Herald's Call to grant an incredible boon to the strength of Living Troops on the Tile, at the cost of their life at the end of the turn. But do not forget that most of the units will then be reborn as Angels.
Repentant Angels are the "Holy Hand Grenade" of the Mercurian Forces. Easily acquired and incredibly powerful, they might seem an easy choice, but be warned that any time they kill a Living Unit, they become permanently weaker.


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