Leaders: Varn Gosam
Hero: Teutorix
Race: Human
Allignment: Good
Patron God: Lugus
Emblematic Mana: Sun Mana
Totem Animal: Lion
Enemies: Svartalfar
World Spell: Religious Fervor
Unique Quality: Trade Boost in Desert
Civilization of Nomads
Type: Civilization


The only elves the Malakim had seen were the the dark Svartalfar. Yet, when a group of hunters happened across a nearly-dead elven man freezing in the wastes, they took him back to their village and agreed to tend to his injuries rather than kill him. When he awoke in their care, he explained that he was Varn Gosam, and that he had fled from his homeland. Sensing some truth in him, the Malakim believed him and allowed him to live among them.

Varn built a shrine to Lugus in the small village and began spreading his newfound religion to the villagers. His revival spread quickly, and the former elven prince found himself a leader of men. Accepting that role, he set forth to lead the Malakim through the hard years to follow and into the light of Lugus.


Most units have the Nomad promotion, granting double movement in desert terrain.

Desert tiles receive one extra commerce.

Malakim mages may summon a Sand lion if they're standing on a desert tile.

Varn Gosam, one of the two Malakim leaders has the trait adaptive, allowing him to change his trait periodically. This goes well in conjunction with a strong disciple based military.

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