Magic is a new feature unique to FFH2 (not found in Civilization IV). It introduces a new dimension of gameplay by allowing the existence of Arcane and Disciple units, which can complement and even supplement (at times) the conventional Melee (Unit Class)Mounted (Unit Class)Archery (Unit Class) and Siege Weapons (Unit Class).

Arcane units are generally traditional magic-users associated with wizards, sorcerers, channelers and oracles, and Disciple units are generally religion-based magic-users associated with priests, clerics, and healers.

Arcane magic (generally) is more combat oriented with spells such as FireballMaelstrom, and Summon Earth Elemental, and Divine magic (generally) is more support-oriented with spells such as Heal, Cure DiseaseBlessRevelation and Shield of Faith (though there are a huge number of spell options and there do exist many exceptions: e.g. Ring of FlamesTsunami and Floating Eye).

Arcane MagicEdit

  • Each Arcane unit may cast at most 1 spell a turn (unless it has the Spellstaff promotion which it can consume to cast again).
  • In order to cast a spell, an Arcane unit must have the corresponding promotions.
    • For example, to cast Fireball, which is a Tier 2 Fire spell, an Arcane unit must have both the Channeling II and Fire II promotions.
    • Tier 1 spells require Channeling I (which is automatically given to Adepts)
    • Tier 2 spells require Channeling II (which is automatically granted to Mages when upgraded from Adepts)
    • Tier 3 spells require Channeling III (which is automatically granted to Archmages when upgraded from Mages)
    • In order to obtain promotions such as Fire III or Water III, the previous levels of the corresponding promotions must be learned.
  • The number of Archmage units is limited to 4 per civilization (meaning that you can only have 4 Channeling III  Arcane units at any one time), but can be bypassed by promoting your Archmages to Death III which allows them to be converted to Lich units, allowing you to have 4 Archmages + 4 Liches, giving you 8 Channeling III Arcane casters. (Note: this can be further surpassed by taking advantage of Sons of the Inferno units spawned by Acheron the Red Dragon.)

Divine Magic Edit

  • Each Disciple unit may cast at most 1 spell a turn.
  • Disciple units do not learn new spells like Arcane units: they start with the appropriate channeling and Divine promotions in addition to a religion tag, which allows them to cast a specific set of spells according to the type.
  • All Disciple units' religions are set and cannot be randomly generated: e.g. Confessors and Priors will always be aligned with The Order and Ritualists will always be of The Ashen Veil religion.
  • The number of High Priests (Channeling III Divine casters) is limited to 4 per civilization, however, this can be bypassed by upgrading Channeling II Divine casters to Druids which have access to Channeling III, allowing you to have 4 High Priests of your current religion and 4 Druids of any religion, giving you 8 Channeling III Divine casters. (Note: this is a great way to have Channeling III Divine casters from different religions--normally you could not have a High Priest of the Order (a Prior) casting Unyielding Order as well as a High Priest of the Ashen Veil (a Profanesummoning Balors at the same time, but if you turned a Ritualist into a Druid and then converted to the Order, you could have a Druid casting Summon Balor and an actual Prior at the same time.)
  • Chalid Astrakein, a Disciple Hero associated with the Empyrean religion, is worthy of an entry here: Pillar of Fire can single-handedly destroy stacks and win wars.

The Spheres of Magic Edit

Palace Mana Edit

Civilization Mana
Amurites Body, Fire, Metamagic
Balseraphs Air, Chaos, Mind
Bannor Earth, Law, Spirit
Calabim Body, Law, Shadow
Clan of Embers Body, Fire, Nature
Doviello Body, Chaos, Earth
Elohim Nature, Spirit, Water
Grigori Enchantment, Spirit, Water
Hippus Air, Nature, Horse (resource)
Illians Enchantment, Ice, Law
Infernal Entropy, Fire, Iron (resource)
Khazad Earth, Law, Gold (resource)
Kuriotates Spirit, Sun, Water
Lanun Air, Chaos, Water
Ljosalfar Air, Life, Nature
Luchuirp Earth, Enchantment, Life
Malakim Life, Mind, Sun
Mercurians Earth, Life, Iron (resource)
Sheaim Chaos, Death, Fire
Sidar Enchantment, Shadow, Spirit
Svartalfar Mind, Nature, Shadow

Node Bonuses Edit

Sphere Effect
Air (none)
Body Friendly units heal +5% per turn within your Cultural Borders
Chaos 2% mutation chance
Death -1 relations with most civilizations (does not stack)
Earth Increases chance of discovering resources from Mines
Enchantment +1 Happy
Entropy -2 relations with most civilizations (does not stack), enemy units heal -5% per turn within your Cultural Borders
Fire (none)
Ice (none)
Law -5% maintenance costs
Life +1 Health
Metamagic (none)
Mind +3% BeakerIcon
Nature (none)
Shadow (none)
Spirit +5% Greatperson
Sun (none)
Water (none)

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The spheres are the remains of the god's creation powers. Creation isn't actually elemental itself but is the foundation of the others. Spheres