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Worshipped by The Empyrean, Lugus is the Angel of Light and Revelation, symbolized by the Sun. His religion recognizes the equality between all men, and all empires. It is dedicated to discovering the Truth. The Laws of Lugus are not Labyrinthian codeces like those of Junil, but basic precepts to follow as one studies the merits of each individual case. Worship of Lugus is tolerated by The Order, and The Bannor officially sanction his temples and preists in their capital. They are however required to join the Order in all their Crusades. Although Lugus and Junil (and their respective followers) are powerful allies, they often disagree. As Capria says: "As the Order wages war, the Empyrean discusses." The followers of Lugus are known for their fatal flaw of continuing to talk and try to figure out the best course of action, while letting time go by and their problems grow ever worse.

Lugus is the patron diety of the Malakim and Varn Gosam is his priest. Varn was given this position as a reward for his devotion to the truth, as exemplified by risking his life to save the innocent children (lead by the young Auric Ulvin) whom his brother Haerlond, King of the Once-Elves of the Shadowed Vale, was going to have executed for supposedly stealing The Heartstone. When His brother's army was closing in on them, Auric (who had come to realize a great, but largly uncontrolled, affinity for magic) reached out to the only faint source of mana he could find: The Sun. By channeling this he ripped though the vale of impenetrable mists that separated the Shadowed Vale From Creation. The Elves, having never seen the light of Day, were blinded. Varn, however, saw Lugus in this light, and devoted himself to being Lugus's first priest. After leaving the Vale, he was found by wandering nomads who had never seen an elf other than their enemies, the evil Svartalfar. Although his pallor and dark hair made him look like a dark elf, they took him in and cared for them. He went on to unite the Malakim and bring all their holy men together in Lugus' name.

Lanthis, an Acolyte of Lugus, was the first victim whose soul was consumed by Alexis. Lugus cursed her for this, and this curse (combined with her own dark magic and acquired taste for blood) made her the first vampire. The curse carried on to all those whith whom she shared her "dark gift." Thus, direct sunlight always weakens a vampire and causes great pain, but it is not actually fatal.

He is commissioned to oppose the god Esus, the Angel of Shadow. His sphere is Sun Magic.