Luchuirp are open sky dwarves, enchanters and golem crafters. They rely on Golem as workers and troops, limiting themseves to mages, priests and druids. They do not have the Vault advantages of Kazak but partially share the good rate of production of the cousins, thanks to good mines and a great unique spell.

Leaders: Garrim Gyr
Beeri Bawl
Hero: Barnaxus
Race: Dwarven
Allignment: Good
Patron God: Nantosuelta
Emblematic Mana: Enchantment Mana
Totem Animal: Rat
Enemies: Sheaim
World Spell: Gifts of Nantosuelta
Unique Quality: Golem Crafters
Type: Civilization


Dwarves do not always live in caves. The Empire of Kradh-Ke-zun, the Open-Skiers, suffered terrible losses during the Age of Ice precisely because they, as opposed to their cousins the Khazad, had adapted to a life on the surface and forgotten the secrets of making their lives in the subterranean world. Fantastic craftsmen, cunning artificers, and proficient enchanters, the Kradh-Ke-zun were creators of some of the greatest artifacts of the Age of Magic, not least of which were the Golems: Golems for war, Golems for transport, Golems for farming, for mining and for industry. Life, for the Open-Skiers with their endless supply of infallibly obedient servants, was good, and the people thrived.

The new reality of the Age of Ice was harsh on the Open-Skiers. When the glaciers rolled forth, strangling life, isolating populations, and crushing cities beneath tons of grinding blue ice, the Luchuirp watched helplessly as the cunning devices they had entrusted so much of their survival to succumbed to the long winter.

Three-foot-tall city dwellers are not adapted to the rigorous, marginal, nomadic existence of Ice Age hunters, and few survived for long. Of the once mighty Empire of great cities, thriving farmlands and millions of contented citizens, only one particularly hardy clan survived: the Luchuirp. Though weakened by the dominance of Mulcarn, Kilmorph still managed to hold a warding hand over this little tribe of surface-dwelling Dwarves. She came to the leader, the now-legendary Graoin the Delver, and taught him the things his people had forgotten: how to dig, how to build homes under the mountain. Combining this with what little of their incredible artisanry and Golem mastery they could still make use of, they fashioned themselves a society of sorts in the caves beneath the Ice, and they waited, knowing that one day, the clan of Luchuirp, heirs of the Open-Skiers, would once again walk under the sun.

Beeri Bawl is a true heir to Graoin the Delver, not only in blood, but in spirit. He is a survivalist by nature, organized and effective, but he has never forgotten his roots and his ancestry. His highest goal is to reclaim a spot on the surface, but that does not mean he intends to make the mistake of his forefathers and neglect the lower reaches of the world. His approach is a symbiosis of the refined craftsmanship of the old Empire and the hardy jury-rigging the Luchuirp taught themselves during the Age of Ice.


Luchuirp life revolves around Golem, that are very particular creatures. They are a race apart, with the characteristic you would expect from a machine: they are not alive, they have immunity to Death, Poison and Fear. They are unable to learn, do not gain experience, do not promote, do not upgrade. They remain exactly the way the exit the production line, until killed or dismissed.

There is a unique way to make a Golem learn: Barnaxus. The Golem leader and hero is a world on his own, he is alive after all, and he may be promoted like any melee unit... and all the Golem istantanealy gain Empower promotions when Barnaxus gain Combat promotions. So your main goal is get Barnaxus early, making him gain Combat I-V promotions, and keep him alive. Other promotions and ability do not pass to other golems. Morevoer, if he dies, you have to catch the pieces of his wrenched body, rebuild it (in a City with a Forge), and making him learn the Combat I-V all anew, so it may be a good idea to keep him secure.

There is another way to give specific promtion to Golem: some special building will give a specific promotion (Fire II, City Garrison, Sentry) to all Golem buid in the same City. So the best golem may have +50% Str, City Garrison, Sentry and is able to cast fireballs, just as it exit production line.

Golems heal very slowly ( -5% in Neutral Lands and -10% in Friendly Lands). They are machines, like Catapults. You are supposed to fix them, using a special ability, available to any dwarven Enchantment I Dwarf spellcaster, called Repair, used to repairs Golems, but also all Siege and Naval Units. You do not have to wait to gain an adept: the early Hero Bambur comes with this ability from the start, and with his friend Barnaxus and a bunch of Wood Golem, and some Catapults, may usually steam over any opponent very early.

In the mid-late game, Luchuirp sport a large all-mechanical army, with melee units, siege units and ships that may be instantly repaired by 2 or 3 simple adepts each turn, anywhere.

To compare Golem with their standard counterpart, you have to consider that normally Golem are stronger than the units most civs are likely to have access to at the same time.

To summarize: Golem do not promote and heal slowly, but are stronger than their equivalents, immune to fear, Death and Poison and they start with all promotions in place (given you have a levelled Barnaxus and the suitable buildings).

Golem Substitute Str/Mov Prod.


Mud Golem Worker 2/2 may not attack 100 -
Wood Golem Axeman 6/1

vulnerable to fire

90 Construction
Gargoyle Longbowmen 8/1


+25% City Defense

180 EngineeringProduction speed +25% faster with Marble
Iron Golem Champion 10/1 180 Iron Working

Iron or Mithril

Barnaxus Hero 5/1 180 Construction
Flesh Golem 6/1 Body III
Bone Golem Cannibalize


13/1 360 Divine Essence, Ivory
Clockwork Golem Berserker 15/9/1 360 Machinery
Nullstone Golem Phalanx 13/1

Magic Immune

240 Mithril Weapons


+25% Production speed with Marble

Mithril Golem Hero 25/1

+60% City Attack


Sentry I


Earth III

5000 Mithril

Runes of Kilmorph as State religion

Must be Built in Runes of Kilmorph Holy City

Armageddon Counter at least 70

Will abandon civilization if state religion switches from Runes of Kilmorph

Mud Golem Edit

The Mud Golems are the basic workers. They take a bit longer to build (additional 25 Production), but they don't stop city growth whilst being built like other workers do. It is a good early advantage. On the other side, this also means that they aren't built as fast as you don't use surplus food as production

They also have a defensive strength 2, so there is a possibility that a Lion attack may be rebuffed.

That they do build 50% faster than regular workers.

  • In old version of the game, prior to v 0.21 the Core of the Subtle wonder (now removed) was be a very useful tool in protecting your mud golems.

Wood Golem Edit

The base Luchuirp melee unit, Wood golems are good as attackers or defenders, being stronger than the units most civs are likely to have access to at the same time. Like all golems, however, they cannot level up to gain promotions. Beware their vulnerability to fire.

Gargoyle Edit

Great defensive units similar to Longbowmen, but with a Str of 8 instead of 5/6 and the Defensive trait that doubles Fortification Bonus, it is really amazing also in late game. It may be safetely used in attack also. It lose the hill bonus typical of archers, but retains the +25% City Defense.

Note that has a small bonus on production using Marble (+25% faster).

Iron Golem Edit

With an amazing streght of 10, easy to build, Iron golems are fearsome units.

Barnaxus Edit

Note that Barnaxus is the only Civilization Hero that does not permit construction of the Shrine of the Champion. Barnaxus can be brought back to life just by bringing his pieces back, so he never really dies.

Flesh Golem Edit

A Body III Archmage is able to cast Graft Flesh to summon a Flesh Golem, an abominium, a composite creature that continues to gain strenght and abilities while you feed it with live units. The Flash Golem will start with 6 Str. For every stronger unit you sacrifice, by moving the unit in the same tile and casting Add to Flesh Golem, the golem strenght is augmented by 1. The sacrified unit is lost anyway, so it is far better to use some short-lived summoned unit. But keep in mind that since units must be alive to be grafted into a flesh golem, elementals cannot be grafted into them. The best unit with such prerequisite is the Kraken, a powerful summon reserved to Tier III priest of Octopus Overlord.

Gaining an amazing super Flesh Golem army is quite fun, and is a nice sub-quest you may choose to do in any game. If this is the case, you may choose to switch to OO just for the time it takes to graft some krakens, and maybe get Hemah to twincast the last two golem, to raise the total number of units. Each archmage may cast one permament Golem summon, so it goes: 4 Archmages + 4 Liches + 1 Hemah X2 (twincast) --> 10 Flesh Golems.

If you are non-calabim/amurite and may get neutral to gain druids, add other 4 units.

Best prootion to give to golems are Combat I-V, Drill I-IV, Cannibalize that gives heal after combat when defeating living units (also Illusion or Aeron's chosen), very useful to defend against a doom stack, because the golem is stronger than them all and heal on his own after each single attack.

(17 Kraken + 1 Kraken with Strong promo + Sheut stone + flaming arrow + nighmare + poisonned blade + heroic strengh/def 2)

They are not allowed to get magical promotions except for the rank 1 set, otherwise they would be used to generate unlimited Divine+Summoning+Sorcery with all spheres units. Game specifically disallows channeling 1-3, Sorcery, summoning, divine, or racial promotions. It doesn't bother removing all the sphere promotions, since they would not allow spells without these other promos.

Some useful things to graft:

  1.  A hawk. gives it flying. As a flying uint does not get road avantages, add a unit with Mobility I and II.
  1. Mimics (Balseraph only) they can pick up so many nice promotions, and grafting them with a golem can produce incredibly varied results.
  1. Vampires (Calabim only) great easy way to get all xp-acessible promotions.
  1. Greater spiders gives an easy way to get cannibalize for your golem, as well as unique spider promotions.
  1. Freaks (balseraph only) or any mutated units with Chaos II. I'm quite fond of building a massive stack of warriors, casting mutate on them all, and then merging the best ones with the golem
  1. Any recon units (as svartalfar or Sidar). Svart recon units can give your golem Sinister and Stalker, Sidar can give Soul Divider, both useful.
  1. Paladins

Orbis ModMod discussion

Fall Further ModMod strategies

Bone Golem Edit

Clockwork Golem Edit

You have to build the Machinists' Shop to gain a powerful machine able to cause collateral damage at 40% strength for a max of 20% damage on up to 4 units.

Nullstone Golem Edit

Mithril Golem Edit

Amazing unit to build, it differs from other Golem: it does not take his power from Arcane powers, but Divine ones. It is Kilmorph herself that gives life to the Mithril Golem, so she will require your commitment to her religion.

Golem Buildings Edit

Several buildings give special promotion to Golem buit in the city where the building is located.

Building Feature Replaces Prod Requires
Sculptor's Studio Required for contruction of any Golem. Note +1 culture may substituite an obelisk. Training Yard 90 Construction
Pallens Engine All Golems built in city receive Perfect Sight promotion, that make able to see invisible opponents. ? 270 Sun Mana
Adularia Chamber All Golems built in city receive Hidden promotion, that make them invisible till they attack or cast. ?
Gridlines All Golems built in city receive free City Garrison I promotion. Perfect for border cities. ? 180 Divination
Blasting Workshop All Golems built in city receive free Fire II promotion and may cast Fireballs. Great but don't over build these. ? 120 Elementalism

Fire Mana

Note that Weaponsmith building was removed as of version 0.41n.
Pallens Engine was originally named sunstone machine, but Kael thought that Pallens means yellow in latin, which is the color associated with the Empyrean, Lugus, Sun mana and revelation. Pallens Engine is a large clock type machine that produces glowing sunstones that were then used as the golem eyes.
Adularia Chamber, orignally named moonstone machine, take his name by Adularia, another name for moonstone and  the luster glow around gems. Golems that go through it are visible only by that luster.

Non Golem stuff Edit

L. do not have the Khazad ability to Create Battering Ram in a forest tile. They are already too powerful in early phases.

Non Golem units are really few. Spellcasters, uniquie units, Dwarven Slinger (Archery Unit), Hornguard (Cavalry).

Unique spell Edit

The unique spell is so powerful that you should consider aiminig to the ritual Birthright Regained to cast it again in late game, and gain an amazing +30 specialist city.


  • Go read up on Barnaxus he's central to any Luchuirp strategy.
    • Level Barnaxus up as quickly as possible to Combat V and then hide him in an isolated or well defended city (preferably both).
    • Keep in mind that Barnaxus can be rebuilt if destroyed, provided you can track down the unit that killed him. Be sure to do so in a city with a forge to gain a weapons promotion, allowing you a better chance to level up later in the game. But mostly, don't let him die because he gets rebuilt without his previous experience.
  • Although the Mud Golem does take an additional 25 Production, they don't stop city growth whilst being built like other workers do. They also have a defensive strength 2.
    • This also means that they aren't built as fast as you don't use surplus food as production
    • Remember that they do build 50% faster than regular workers.
  • In addition to allowing you to build Wood Golems, Sculptor's Studios provide +1 Culture so consider using them instead of obelisks to expand your early cities and enable them to grow your golem army.
  • The +1 Strength that golems have above other units at the same tier has the greatest impact early in the game
    • With some early promotions to Barnaxus your wood golems should be able to roll over most defenses and will even give early heroes something to think about
    • Follow up your early advances with Iron Golems as soon as you can.
    • Remember that Golems are immune to many poisons and disease, such as Typhoid Mary's plague, or the Contagion spell. This can give you an edge against civs that rely on those abilities, like the Calabim.
  • When AC hit 30 and all living units suffer, your army remain perfectly operative. You will have a couple of turn of advantage. Your city will suffer just the same.

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