Leaders: Amelanchier
Arendel Phaedra
Hero: Gilden Silveric
Race: Elven
Allignment: Neutral
Patron God: Cernunnos
Emblematic Mana: Nature Mana
Totem Animal: Deer
Enemies: Svartalfar
World Spell: March of the Trees
Unique Quality: Dexterous, Thrive in Forests
Type: Civilization


The elven god was killed, and the elves were nearly wiped out as a result, during the Age of Ice. With his resurrection (or, more importantly, the promotion of Cernunnos to be the new god of nature) they are coming back from the few hidden groves they still control.


Ljosalfar units are Elven. They have double movement and +10% to attack and defense in Forest and Ancient Forest tiles. Ljosalfar units are capable of building improvements on forested tiles without destroying the forest. This contributes to the production value of tiles within Ljosalfar cities.

The Ljosalfar civilization trait, Dexterous, grants the promotion with the same name to all Archery Units, which gives them +1/+0 Strength.

The Ljosalfar World Spell, March of the Trees, will cause all forest and ancient forest tiles within their cultural borders to become new forests, while spawning a treant in each of those tiles. After five turns, the treants disappear.

The Ljosalfar synergize well with the Fellowship of Leaves religion, and have a strong early-game Archery Unit hero, Gilden Silveric.

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