Leaders: Hyborem
Hero: Hyborem
Rosier the Fallen
Race: Demon
Alignment: Evil
Patron God: Agares
Emblematic Mana: Entropy Mana
Totem Animal: Locust
Enemies: Mercurians
World Spell: Hyborem's Whisper
Unique Quality:

Can make hellish creatures and can get bonuses towards the Armageddon Counter

Fallow (Civilization Trait)




What could be worse than hell? The domain of a fallen god, whispers of it are found in every religion.

"The wicked shall face their eternal punishment in hell," says the Confessor.

"Its fires burn hotter than any forge, and the foolish burn away like fool's gold," the Stonewarden warns.

"The hottest days of summer do not compare," intones the Priest of Leaves, "and there is no rebirth for those defilers exiled there."

The Cultists babble, "In the fire or in the void, your masters cannot speak to you, nor you to them; shun the realm of the fallen sun, and falter not in your labors for your lords, or you shall be so banished!"

And in the rituals of the Ashen Veil lie these words: "From the fires of the pit, come our secrets, but we acknowledge we are supplicants, and offer the price you seek. We come to bargain, not command, oh Lords of the fire. For this presumption, take not our souls, take those of our foes."

But the truth is much worse. Hell is an attack on every aspect of the souls that dwell within it. An excruciating forge built to transform the weak and broken into physical manifestations of Agares' hate. In life a man may consider an act unthinkable, but through the slow manipulations of hell that act will become acceptable and then enjoyable. Many spend eternity in this slow grind, hating those above them and crushing those below them

Hyborem was not so easily satisfied. He thirsted for new challenges. With the covert assistance of Agares, the walls of creation were weakened imperceptibly. Hell, always existing alongside the infinite plane where mortals dwelt, was given brief, tortured access. Hyborem took his servants and set out at once.

They are forced to carve a city from the dirt with their own claws when this reality refuses to submit to their will. But that will is strengthened by Hyborem's demonic desires, and his underlings' abject fear of him. Hot tempered and impatient, he is nonetheless cunning and willing to watch the kingdoms of men, even to learn from them how to operate in this realm, until his goals are fulfilled and he can bring many mortals into hell to torment for eternity.


  • Only civilization that does not require food, thanks to the Fallow (Civilization Trait)
  • Enters Erebus once the Infernal Pact is researched by a civilization; that civilization will have the option of taking control of the Infernals, but they must first abandon their civilization
  • Most units are Demons; as such, they are immune to Death and Unholy damage, as well as fear. Demons can travel through burning lands.
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