Requires: Trade
Way of the Wise
Leads to: Nothing
Allows: First to Discover Founds Empyrean
Defensive Pacts
Radiant Guard
Temple of the Empyrean
Cost: 800 BeakerIcon.png
Type: Tech

What separates us from them? Honor. We have it, they do not. And without it, even if they win, they will lose in the end. For a victory without honor is like a well without water--empty, and useless. Honor is the mortar that binds friends and the foundation upon which to build a future. Men who fight dishonorably are building their empire on sand.--Caradel Bluestride, Order Commander, speech before the last stand of the Divine Company

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Honor allows the researcher to found the Empyrean, if they are the first to do so. There is no special technology for the Empyrean. You may also build Ecclesiastics in a city with the Empyrean, which can spread the religion.

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