Fall from Heaven Wiki
Requires: Trade
Way of the Wise
Leads to: Nothing
Allows: First to Discover Founds Empyrean
Defensive Pacts
Radiant Guard
Temple of the Empyrean
Cost: 800 BeakerIcon.png
Type: Tech

What separates us from them? Honor. We have it, they do not. And without it, even if they win, they will lose in the end. For a victory without honor is like a well without water--empty, and useless. Honor is the mortar that binds friends and the foundation upon which to build a future. Men who fight dishonorably are building their empire on sand.--Caradel Bluestride, Order Commander, speech before the last stand of the Divine Company


Honor allows the researcher to found the Empyrean, if they are the first to do so. There is no special technology for the Empyrean. You may also build Ecclesiastics in a city with the Empyrean, which can spread the religion.