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Good is one of three choices of alignments a civilization is able to select from in Fall From Heaven 2. Those civilizations that choose to side with the forces of Good, such as the Bannor and Elohim, value concepts such as order, law and justice as major elements in their society.

Although one might assume that a Good-aligned civilization in Fall From Heaven 2 is forced to combat any and all Evil-aligned civilizations, just like in the old stories and folktales, but this is not wholly true. A Good civilization will not automatically engage in war with a neighboring civilization of a differing alignment--instead, it receives a small penalty to diplomatic relations with all Neutral-aligned civilizations, and a larger penalty to diplomatic relations with all Evil-aligned nations, but will receive a small positive bonus to relations with all other Good-aligned nations. These penalties do not force war, but influence the relationships between nations: it is more difficult to form lasting trade relations, open borders, and long-term peace with nations that are aligned differently, but relatively easy to keep nations with similar alignments happy.


Good-aligned civilizations have several benefits that are inaccessible to those with a Neutral or Evil alignment, but are also restricted from using several civics only available to non-Good nations.


  • Receives a diplomacy bonus with all other Good-aligned nations.
  • Hell Terrain will never spread in a Good civilization's cultural border.
  • Can use the Overcouncil civic.
  • Can build Paladins.


  • Cannot use the Undercouncil civic.
  • Cannot use the Slavery civic.
  • Receives a small diplomacy penalty with all Neutral-aligned nations.
  • Receives a large diplomacy penalty with all Evil-aligned nations.


  • Any civilization that adopts The Order as their state religion is automatically changed to a Good alignment.