Fellowship of Leaves
Worships: Cernunnos
Strengths: Inspiration
Weakness: Economy
Alignment Effect: No Effect
Founded By: Way of the Forests
Shrine: Song of Autumn
  • Forests will transform into Ancient Forests
  • When an enemy enters an Ancient Forest within owner's borders, there is a chance a Treant will spawn
Type: Religion


Deep in the woods, the whispers of Elves linger. Ancient protectors normally above the affairs of men, some men have shown enough loyalty to them to be taught their magic and even gain the assistance of the Fawns.

Nature is directly responsible for sustaining life, so it is easy to see it as good. In FfH2, Fellowship of Leaves is defined as neutral, meaning it doesn't change the civ's Alignment. So its tenets are either ambiguous, contradictory, or do not pertain to how to treat other sentient beings.

Perhaps this is due to a disorganized structure. followers of the FoL do not rely upon revelation from Sucellus or Cernunnos, rather upon reflections on the natural world around them. All followers share a respect and delight in natural places, and seek to spread the sphere of life's vitality; there is little concern, officially, for any particular lives, however.

The Fellowship will fight for their own lands, and crusade to end wide-scale corruption of nature, but rarely intervene in any conflict otherwise, or at least rarely sanction such intervention by the tenets of their creed. Personal ethics of The Fellowship vary dramatically, from emulating the care of a mother hen, to the ferocity and guile of a rabid hyena.

This is a religion pervaded with personal discovery and growth. There are no strict laws and this leads to widely varying interpretations. Remember that Cernunnos is the weakest of the gods, the only one who wasn't made by the One so he is the most likely to be overwhelmed by his task. Peaceful Elohim tend to magnificent gardens and brutal Calabim hunters (where the prey are slaves allowed to run for their chance at freedom) both believe they are serving the rites of The Fellowship. The aspect of creation that The Fellowship exemplifies is change, which is why there are so many variations. The change of The Fellowship is best labeled as growth, the change of a child into a man, or a river cutting a pass through mountains. Radical, unpredictable change is the province of Bhall.

Fellowship of Leaves as a state religion will cause Forests in your territory to grow into Ancient Forests. There is a chance for a Treant to spawn in an empty Ancient Forest tile when an enemy unit walks onto the tile. This chance is increased by having the tile be worked by a citizen from a city with a Temple of Leaves.


  • Strategy Guide Written for FfH 2.033 Patch G, by Xienwolf.
  • Theme: Neutral/Nature.
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