Fall from Heaven Wiki
Leads to: None
Special Abilities:
  • Race: Demon
  • +10% Strength on all Hell Terrain tiles
  • +20% Fire Resistance
  • -25% Holy Resistance
  • Immune to Death Damage
  • Immune to Unholy Damage
  • Immune to Poison Damage
  • Immune to Fear
  • Units with this promotion are not alive
Granted to certain units on creation.

Demon is the racial promotion for all demonic units. All Infernal units produced will bear this promotion. Certain random events or Lair Exploration results may change a unit's race to this as well. The majority of the units granted by the Sheaim Planar Gate will spawn as this race.

Demons gain +10% Strength when fighting on Hell Terrain, resistance to Fire Damage, and immunities to Fear and an assortment of other highly relevant Damage types. Most notably, their immunities to Death, Unholy and Poison Damage makes them very hard for non-Good aligned civilizations to counter, as the higher-tier units that are produced by those civilizations typically derive some of their strength from; in the case of Assassins and the like; Poison Damage or; in the case of Evil Religious or Arcane units; Death and Unholy Damage. These immunities mean that Evil or Neutral civilizations will have a hard time staying independent from the cause of Hell.

Their resistance to Fire Damage means that demonic units may freely pass through tiles that are on fire.

The only downside to this racial choice is the vulnerability to Holy Damage. Confessors with their ability to Bless units en masse may prove especially troublesome.