Council of Esus
Worships: Esus
Strengths: Crime
Weakness: Prophecy
Alignment Effect: Change Good to Neutral
Founded By: Deception
Shrine: Nox Noctis
  • Any unit with Council of Esus as religion can Spread Council of Esus
  • Any Recon Unit with Council of Esus as religion can cast Mask and Steal
  • If adopted, units do not leave enemy territory when declaring war
  • Religion choice is hidden to all civilizations if following Council of Esus
Type: Religion


An oddity among the religions the Council of Esus has no disciples, priests, high priests or temples. Instead all of its abilities are practiced by units that worship the religion. Any unit that worships Esus can pay to spread the religion in a city.

That theme, paying for miracles, is common in the Council of Esus. Additionally, the Council of Esus can only be spread by a unit who Follows the religion and is controlled by a player who uses Council of Esus as his State Religion.

"Shadow" is a good means, but how about an end? The followers of this religion are those who value secrecy above all else, for whatever reason. Some pursue taboos, whatever that may be in their culture. Some have some sort of psychological insecurity; most are seeking to use the power and techniques of the religion to subvert secular authority above them. One would expect most nations would take a very dim view of others with this religion or anyone spreading it to their lands... though not necessarily more than the other evils.

Personally, adherents to this religion detest judgement of any sort. They wish to hide who they are and what they do, and resent anyone telling them what to do. Of course, this isn't to say that they don't scrutinize each other. The other factor is a lack of trust. The god of trust is fallen, so even The Order or Empyrean share a certain suspicion of outsiders, but the Council wears deception like a coat, and knowing how they are putting one over on each other tends to make them entirely without trust even of each other. Recon Units with the Council of Esus Religion can cast Mask (Grants Hidden Nationality Promotion) & Steal.

If your State Religion is Council of Esus, you can remain within the borders of your enemies at the instant of declaring war. Any Unit which does not have a religion assigned automatically has a 20% chance per religion to adopt one of the religions present in the city where they are built. Though only for Esus is it important if the unit follows the religion or not.

A Unique Aspect of CoE is that your religious decision is not displayed to other players in the ScoreList, and the AI will not have diplomatic penalties with you for following a different religion than they do.


  • Strategy Guide Written for FfH 2.033 Patch G, by Xienwolf.
  • Theme: Neutral-Evil/Shadow.
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