• Sean thomas steadman powell

    The newborn civilization wonder will bring out thr Red Xenomorph. IT'S A SCOUSE WITH A RED TOP ON HAHA The yellow k-series Xenomorph can appear through the living worlds as a random event.

    The Malbaro monster which is a plant-based-monster from final fantasy,it could be used to make a beholder. The Malbaro can consume another unit and spit out it a Beholder.

    Arkenstone as a gemstone for 1 of the dwarven civilizations would work, perhaps the evil dwarven race. Garnet for either the good or neutral civilization.

    The unique feature Desert Rose could produce Desert Rose (Selenite) as a gemstone

    Balseraphs civilizations unique unit a mimic can transform other peoples treasure chests into a mimic treasure chest the type from dungeons and dragons.

    A u…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Mekara order civilization should be the leader to come out of the Council of Eus religion The Mekara order civilization will have a wonder to build of a unique feature of some description that will be a spawning point for Shadow Dragons.

    Sheaim are currently a civilization based on zombies, but I think that Abashi the unholy black dragon should be what the Sheaim civilization are about.  A new civilization that are based around zombies needs to be made so they can have the Pyre zombies.

    The great building Form of the titan should become a unique feature when built. Form of the titan can have an affinity with law mana.

    Demon race units should be able to infect other units with Crazed which will change to Enraged if not treated. If a unit becom…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Civilization                  Gemstone                 Unique feature                  Gemstone

    Amurites         =          Ametrine                  Remnants of patria   =       Jade

    Austrin            =         Austinite                   Yggdrasil                 =       Citrine

    Grigori             =       Dragonstone                Mirror of heaven       =       Sunstone

    Calabim           =       Heliotrope                    Lunar crecent          =      Moonstone

    Infernal            =         Hematite                    Tomb of Sucellus     =      Aquamarine

    Mercurians      =          Mercury                       Big  Clam             =       Pearls

    Illians              =        Turquoise                      Barrier reef            =     …

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Unique feature                                          Mana type 

    Yggdrasil                       =                           Holy

    Letum frigus                   =                           Ice

    Tower of Alteration          =                         Metamagic

    Standing stones             =                           Earth

    Fumarole                       =                           Entropy

    Oasis                            =                           Water

    Mirror of heaven              =                             Sun

    Lunar crecent                 =                        Shadow

    Tomb of Sucellus            =                           Life

    Seven pines                   =                            Nature

    Pyre of the Seraphic        =                      …

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Civilization                   Unique feature                    Monster

    Illians            =             Letum Frigus        =         Frost hill giants

    zombie         =           Pyre of the Seraphic      =    Pyre Zombie

    Jotnar            =          Standing stones           =          Hill giant

    Frozen          =           Snow pyramid             =        Wights (Whitewalkers)

    Scion's of patria =         Pyramid                    =         Mummy

    Mercurians        =         Ring of carcer            =        Alicorn (Pegasus Hero)

    Infernal              =          Bradeline's well        =         Balrogs

    Calabim             =       Gaurdian of pristin pass  =      Gargoyles, Bioraptors

    Archos              =        Mother's ruin                …

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Some unique features like the great lighthouse and the tower of eyes can be buildings that you build and be a unique feature aswell.

    A sea horse would make a good mounted unit.

    A nymph would go well with the Svartalfar civilization.  Dryads would go well with a neutral or good elven. A giant oak tree would be a good spawning ground for Dryads. Nymphs are more attractive and dangerous than a Dryads. A nymph will need a spawning ground from a unique feature. A Chimera might be a good unit to go with Balseraphs civilization.

    The Tarrasque would be a good monster to appear in the game when the armageddon counter gets high

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Sahuagin would make a great leader to come out of the Octopus overlords religion. Davy jones should start with the hero adventurer promotion and so should the ship the flying dutchman. You could have a shark humanoid the mano as units.

    The crab man out of the film 300 is a good unit type as well. Sahuagin wonder to build will be a unique feature of a Dragon hole which will be a spawning point for Octopus and other Monsters. The Kraken will spawn from this unique feature aswell. You can have different types of Kraken and different sizes, and Octopus type and a squid type as heros.

    Aarakocra would make a great leader to come out of Ayers ayre religion.

    When you convert to Fellowship of leaves religion. This religion should be versatile by being…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    An Oasis would be a good unique feature that has water as an affinity mana type. A statue of atlas for mind mana.  A unique feature of a crashed spaceship in the arctic terrain only. Any unit that lands on this tile gets infected by the thing from the movie THE THING.  Wolfs and bears can be infected too, and you woulden't be able to tell the difference. A fireball is a good method of attack, it has a vulnerability with fire it will also let you know if the unit is infected too when a fireball strikes. EXPOSING ITSELF.

    A goblin civilization as barbarians could have a redcap as a unique unit.  Silver should be something you mine like gold that gives happiness. Silver weaponry will be an advantage against werewolves and vampires. Holy water c…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    The first unit to land on the unique feature mirror of heaven will start a golden age.

    The first unit to land on the unique feature foxford will gain the hero or villain adventurer promotion.

    Whomping willow can be a unique feature that can be a part of the fellowship of leaves religion. 

    The new witch civilization can build the witches cauldron which will become a unique feature after built, and be a spawning point for a Dementor. Voldemort can start with the villain adventurer promotion and can spawn from the witches cauldron and have the Elder wand.  

    The Witches Cauldron use to be called Mokka's Cauldron.

    A small bat would go well with a Calabim scout to start. 

    Graft flesh should be a unique spell only for Balseraphs.  Loki will have a sce…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    A unique feature of a fairy circle which will appear and disappear at any moment on any land tile on any continent. The fairy circle is an ill oman and will be made from a circle of mushrooms. At night fairys will fly around it and light the surrounding area. If you land on that tile you will be teleported to any giving tile on any given continent. Erlking is the gaurdian of the fairy circle and can appear and disappear at any moment as well.

    The unique feature Maelstrom of a giant whirlpool which will appear and disappear on any ocean tile at any moment. A Charybdis can appear and disappear at any moment aswell and can attack.

    A unique feature of quicksand which will appear and dissappear on any sand desert terrain tile on any given contine…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Elderberry can be a bonus that appear on a tile. Only on a hill or mountain tiles. Doing the same thing as truffles and mushrooms.

    A dragon hole is a good unique feature and spawning ground on an ocean coastal tile. 

    A unique feature to start the game of a giant clam shell giving extra food and pearls as a gemstone.

    Another unique feature to start that provides extra production on an ocean coastal tile is a coral isle a barrier reef that gives coral as a gemstone.

    Each capital city palace should work towards a great person. 

    Doviello palace should be a great commander

    Amurites palace should do a sage or elder.

    Lanun palace should do a great mariner.

    I think we need to have 4 elven civilizations that hold spring summer autumn and winter.  LJOSALFAR…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Scions of patria should be a civilization that have an undead egyptian feel to them. Being an undead civilization they should be able to transform grassplains into floodplains adjacent to a river the same way malakim civilization can.  But with bite marks out of the slices of bread being an undead civilization.

    A Pramid as a unique feature that spawns a mummy would be a good wonder for the scions to build. Another good unit for the scions is a Aqrabuamelu.  Scions of patria should have a ritual that they can start working on once they have wiped out a civilization. The same way as the illians have to to be able to build Auric Ascended. MAKE AN AVATAR UNIT THAT DOES THE SAME AS AURIC ASCENDED BUT WITH DESERT INSTEAD OF ICE DESERT FOR SCIONS.…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    A unique feature called Elephants Graveyard that will be a spawnning point for a mammoth. Elephants could come from a spawnning point like a watering hole as a unique feature. You will have to upgrade the elephant up to a war elephant. I was thinking that this might suit the Hippus civilization as a wonder. A desert rose as a unique feature that spawns baby scorpions that grow to a scorpion and so on to giant and gigantic if you like.

    A geyser could become a unique feature that has air as an affinity.

    A fumarole could be used as a unique feature that has entropy as a mana type.

    You could have 5 different types of troll a stone troll earth a hill troll water snow troll ice desert troll fire mountain troll air.


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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    A wonder for Ljosalfar to build of an Elven elk (battle-moose). That spawns from a unique feature.

    Accessory promotions should be added. Some artifacts will take up two accessory slots like a two handed weapon. 

    An iceberg as an ice spell. A mind spell that can remove great people from a city even from your own city. 

    Ranked spells should be made higher, a channeling system that can go up to rank 5 or 6. Certain units can only get up to a certain rank.


    Dinosaurs would go well with the lizardmen race. Velociraptor as a mounted unit and a small baby 1 can be used as a hawk. 

    The technology out of master of mana called warrior caste should be 1 of the first technologies you should get in MILITA…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Sinister should be a unholy spell giving 1 attack strength   Dexterous can be either be an earth or nature spell giving 1 attack strength. 

    A  wonder for the Bannor civilization to build of a unique feature of a colosseum that spawns gladiators.

    A manakin should go with Malakim civilization.      A Macaw parrot would go well with a new undead pirate civilization to rival Lanun. A kingfisher should go with Lanun civilization instead.

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    I also thought that each civilization starting scout could have a small bird that can help explore. Each small bird will be different for each civilization like a goldfinch for Kuriotates, a thrush for 1 of the dwarven civilizations. KURIOTATES CULTURE COLOUR SHOULD BE GOLD NOT PINK.  Small birds will not be able to attack and they are perfect for using for checking if the coast is clear because they will fly faster.

    Bigger birds that can attack will be perfect as a withdrawel unit. The bird of prey will attack an enemy and then fly over the landscape like what a hawk does. IT'S A GOOD WAY FOR BIRDS TO BE USED AS AN ATTACKING OPTION.

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    The unique feature Standing Stones should be a wonder for Jotnar civilization to build that spawns a hill giant. The stone spheres that go around the unique feature need to be made bigger in size and some stone spheres should be broken in half. 

    The unique feature Sirona's beacon should give the promotion spirit guide to any unit that lands on that tile. 

    An air spell that does a bolt of lightning that damages a stack of units the same way as pillar of fire does. 

    A wonder for the witches civilization to build that becomes a unique feature that spawns a cyclops unit. HILL GIANTS  TROLLS AND CYCLOPS SHOULD ALL BE THE SAME SIZE. BIG.  

    A unique feature called LABYRINTH OF DREAMS the maze out of the music video by Nox Arcana. Chaos should be the …

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    AUSTINITE as a mineral/gemstone would go well with AUSTRIN civilization.  SIDERITE would go well with SIDAR civilization. The unique feature PYRE OF THE SERAPHIC should be a wonder for a new zombie civilization to build. Pyre zombies will spawn from there.

    Baron Duin Halfmorn should be a leader and a unit that you build for the werewolves civilization. Baron Duin Halfmorn should have a brother werewolf who will be snow white in colour. MAYBE TO BUILD OR TO SPAWN FROM A UNIQUE FEATURE AS A WONDER FOR THE WEREWOLF CIVILIZATION. 

    Vampires werewolves and zombies should have a chance to spawn a ravenous vampire werewolf or zombie after combat.  

    YGGDRASIL unique feature should have holy as a mana type and produce citrine as a gemstone.  DAY AND NI…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    The frozen civilization are the leader from the winterborn religion. The frozen civilization will have a wonder to build of a unique feature of a snow pyramid that has ice as an affinity and is a spawnning ground for wights. YOU WILL HAVE A NUMBER OF WHITE WALKERS that will start with the villain adventurer promotion that will spawn from that unique feature. Some Draugr deathlords will spawn from the snow pyramid and will start with the villain adventurer promotion.

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    A chaos spell that allows you to change race. This spell will only work if you have the unique feature The tower of alteration, and you will have to stand on that tile to be able to change race and apperance. Tower of alteration will have an affinity with metamagic as a mana type and will look like the leaning tower of pisa.

    I think for the next fall from heaven you should have a technology board that is split up into 4 categories. MILITARY MAGIC RELIGION CIVILIAN. To activate your magic board you will need to research, Ancient chants, Mysticism and then Knowledge of the Ether on the civilian board. When you start the game you can pick 2 technology boards MILITARY OR CIVILIAN.

    I think the game should start with 5 barbarian dragons with 50 st…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Because there are so many different types of mineral/gemstones to choose from i thought that each civilization should start with a mineral/gemstone. We will have to be imaginative by separating mineral and gemstone into two different categories. A gemstone can become flawless. (LAPIS LAZULI) a mineral rock stone, (Sapphire) a gemstone. Both of these two stone types can have a bonus with water. Artifacts like rings and tiara can then have two different accessory options 1 for a gemstone another for a rockstone. 

    The mineral/gemstone that your civilization start with wilth will orientate over the theme of the civilization and race type.  Turquoise would go well with the illian civilization and Winterborn religion.  Dragonstone would go well w…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Every religion will have a unique leader that you can use. You will have to sacrifice 1 of your cities for your new leader. You will be able to play both leaders. You will have 2 capital cities and two palaces that help reduce maintenance and cost. The Mercurian gate should be a wonder from the Holy religion The Hidden realm. Once you have built the Mercurian gate the mercurian civilization leader will appear in a city that you sacrifice.

    The ninth gate should be a wonder from the Unholy religion Legion of a lost cult. Once you have built the ninth gate the infernal civilization leader will appear in a city that you sacrifice.

    Mechanos should be a leader from the Runes of kilmorph religion needing a gate way wonder. With mechanos civilizatio…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Force mana should give all units accelerate which helps them gain experience. The same way as your workers gain experience on ashes of erebus mod. Creation mana should do a chanelling system instead allowing you to do magic spells.

    A unique feature to start the game of a Citadel that has force mana as an affinity. Forts, Castle, and Citadel will have a sentry bonus and help with war weariness. Citadel of secrets by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature. You could even call the unique feature Citadel of secrets

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    As part of a terrain modifier some evil civilizations like Sheaim and Calabim etc, can have a forest tile change into a haunted forest tile so workers can cottage mine etc and keep the forest and extra production. For good and neutral you will have an enchanted forest instead.

    For non living undead civilizations instead of having no food, you should take bite marks out of the slices of bread instead.

    Mountains should be made smaller just a little bit bigger than a hill and should be made accessible with a promotion called mountaineer. Dwarven and jotnar will start with this promotion. Mountain tiles should be worked and be able to mine and a settler can plant a city.

    Letum Frigus should be a wonder for the illian civilization to build. Once b…

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  • Sean thomas steadman powell

    Hello my name is Sean Powell. I am a big fan of Fall from heaven 2 and the various mods related to the franchise. I have left lots of posts on civ fantatics forum about ideas for fall from heaven. There are now 12 religions in fall from heaven.

    Ashen Veil (Death+Entropy)                                             = Newborn civilization

    Ayers Ayre (Air)                                        Heaven's gate  = Aarakocra civilization

    Blood of the phoenix (Fire) 

    Council of Eus (Shadow)                                                   = Mekara Order civilization

    Empyrean (Sun)                                                               = Redgaurds civilization

    Fellowship of leaves (Nature)                                             = Cernunnos c…

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  • Odin-gaming

    See the complete review on Odin Gaming .

    Ashes of Erebus is, above and beyond everything else, an immersive, TBS, fantasy experience. (I must give due credit to the base Fall from Heaven II mod, though.) It’s better, in my opinion, than any fantasy 4X since, including the likes of Age of Wonders III or even Endless Legend (although the latter comes very close).

    Incredible depth has been achieved with the diverse civilisations, beautiful and bustling fantasy world, and responsive game mechanisms like the Armageddon Counter. AoE’s contribution of improved flavour starts, expansion of unique city graphics, improved AI, and expanded alignments (among other additions) go a long way to rounding out what FfH2 started.

    But. It’s still lacking polish …

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  • Eglyntine

    Blogs, Blogs, Blogs...

    August 3, 2013 by Eglyntine

    Everything is always about blogging....

    - Eglyntine -- "Fairness Is An Illusion We Do Not Provide Here..." - NLM - -- 00:52, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Enthor

    Modmods Portal

    July 31, 2013 by Enthor

    After some discussion with Hyborem (the admin), I went ahead and made the Category page for Modmods, as well as the four most popular FFH2 modmods: FF, Orbis, RifE, and WM. (Since Master of Mana has decided to cut all ties with FFH2, it doesn't deserve a spot in the FFH2 Modmods page, but this can be up for debate owing to is heritage as WildMana.)

    I've also made placeholders for all of the new civilizations--this was a bit tricky to figure out, as I think the original Civilizations page looks just fine with only the base FFH2 civs (as to not confuse any new FFH2 players coming to the wiki). Another problem with simply listing civs under modmods (e.g. listing the Scions of Patria under, say, the Fall Further modmod heading, is that the new …

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  • Enthor


    July 8, 2013 by Enthor

    (just testing this functionality)

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  • Hyborem

    Scenarios are now listed

    February 22, 2012 by Hyborem

    Yesterday I was working all day long on listing all the scenarios - and writing the lore of many of them (much writing). In my opinion it was really nice in the end. Take a look at it yourself! I also remade the homepage a little. The old one was rather dull in my opinion, so I freshed it up a little with images with working links to some of the important content on this wiki.

    In addition to this I uploaded a video of the custom-game into. I posted this on the home-page as well. Remember to turn on 1080p when you're at it!

    A rather long day I guess, but I like to work with this!

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