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    Ashes of Erebus is, above and beyond everything else, an immersive, TBS, fantasy experience. (I must give due credit to the base Fall from Heaven II mod, though.) It’s better, in my opinion, than any fantasy 4X since, including the likes of Age of Wonders III or even Endless Legend (although the latter comes very close).

    Incredible depth has been achieved with the diverse civilisations, beautiful and bustling fantasy world, and responsive game mechanisms like the Armageddon Counter. AoE’s contribution of improved flavour starts, expansion of unique city graphics, improved AI, and expanded alignments (among other additions) go a long way to rounding out what FfH2 started.

    But. It’s still lacking polish …

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  • Eglyntine

    Blogs, Blogs, Blogs...

    August 3, 2013 by Eglyntine

    Everything is always about blogging....

    - Eglyntine -- "Fairness Is An Illusion We Do Not Provide Here..." - NLM - -- 00:52, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Enthor

    Modmods Portal

    July 31, 2013 by Enthor

    After some discussion with Hyborem (the admin), I went ahead and made the Category page for Modmods, as well as the four most popular FFH2 modmods: FF, Orbis, RifE, and WM. (Since Master of Mana has decided to cut all ties with FFH2, it doesn't deserve a spot in the FFH2 Modmods page, but this can be up for debate owing to is heritage as WildMana.)

    I've also made placeholders for all of the new civilizations--this was a bit tricky to figure out, as I think the original Civilizations page looks just fine with only the base FFH2 civs (as to not confuse any new FFH2 players coming to the wiki). Another problem with simply listing civs under modmods (e.g. listing the Scions of Patria under, say, the Fall Further modmod heading, is that the new …

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  • Enthor


    July 8, 2013 by Enthor

    (just testing this functionality)

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  • Hyborem

    Scenarios are now listed

    February 22, 2012 by Hyborem

    Yesterday I was working all day long on listing all the scenarios - and writing the lore of many of them (much writing). In my opinion it was really nice in the end. Take a look at it yourself! I also remade the homepage a little. The old one was rather dull in my opinion, so I freshed it up a little with images with working links to some of the important content on this wiki.

    In addition to this I uploaded a video of the custom-game into. I posted this on the home-page as well. Remember to turn on 1080p when you're at it!

    A rather long day I guess, but I like to work with this!

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