The Blaseraphs
Leaders: Keelyn
Heroes: Loki
Race: Human
Alignment: Evil
Patron God: Mammon
Emblematic Mana: Mind Mana
Totem Animal: Rabbit
Enemies: Luchuirp
World Spell: Revelry
Unique Quality: Arcane Puppets and Potent Culture
Type: Civilization

Background[edit | edit source]


The Balseraphs form a nation of lies and illusions led by a madman and his daughter. All those still clinging to sanity fled long ago,

and now the Balseraphs share Perpentach’s madness, living to amuse him. He goes to war on a whim and fights unpredictably, but is no less a threat for it. Despite the capriciousness of their ruler, the Balseraph cities are marvels to behold, dizzying carnivals filled with endless amusement and captivating horrors.

Features[edit | edit source]

The Balseraphs give a whole new meaning to the term "culture war". Their Gypsy Wagons (which oddly no longer exist in game) can weaken the culture of enemy cities, making them easier to overwhelm and convert peacefully. Balseraph Harlequins can utilize low-to-mid level Chaos and Mind Spells, thus allowing them to fight more effectively or stave off death should things go sour. The Balseraphs also enjoy the benefits of slavery, with the Freak Show building providing extra culture for each slave cage you build in that city. They possess the formidable Taskmasters, the Balseraph replacement for the Assassin, which can enslave enemies regardless of civic options. The Balseraph World Spell, Revelry, initiates a Golden Age which will last for double the standard duration.

In spite of the Capricious Nature of the Balseraph People, their Civilization benefits the most from carefully nurturing a select few warriors through the rank. A Freak is capable of upgrading to almost any of the Unique Balseraph Units, picking up more and more abilities each time. By producing these twisted people in large quantities, you can select those with desireable traits to promote, while tossing the others into the Arena. If they come out with enough promotions to make up for their Mutation, send them into battle, if they die... at least it was amusing. In addition to the myriad tricks already mentioned, the Balseraph possess the single most unique defensive building in the game. The Hall of Mirrors will create a duplicate image of any enemy unit foolish enough to sit outside of your city, thus allowing you to force the enemies to literally fight themselves!

Strategy Links[edit | edit source]

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