To win this victory, you have to build the Altar of the Luonnotar (final). This requires you to have the 6 preceding stages of the Altar by Great Prophets which in turn requires you to watch closely for the Greatperson.gif your cities are producing. Note that each Priest specialist gives your city 2 Great Prophet Greatperson.gif, while most GPP buildings contribute to other types of Great Person. So if you want to get the 6 Prophets necessary for the Altar, you should try and get as many Priest specialists as possible. Each temple allows you one Priest specialist which makes it worth a consideration to research all Religions and spread a lot of them to your cities. The Pagan Temple also allows for one specialist. If that isn't enough, you can also switch to Theocracy which allows you unlimited Priest specialists but requires Religious Law, a late mid game tech. The Elohim's unique building each contribute 1 Great Prophet Greatperson.gif making them well suited for this type of victory.

As for technologies, you will need the entire religious tree for the first six stages of the altar, and then Omniscience for the final one, which requires most of the arcane tree.

Wonders that contribute Great Prophet Greatperson.gif:

The upside of the Altar victory road is that the Altar itself allows for additional Priest specialists, and also grants you several other boons - most importantly the XP boost they give disciple units produced in the city.

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