Fall from Heaven Wiki
Race: Human
Unit Class: Disciple Unit
Requires: Orders from Heaven
Temple of the Order
Starts With: Cannot Pillage
Can spread The Order
Can sacrifice for 20 CultureIcon.png
Medic I
Religion:The Order
Info: 3 Strength.gif
1 Move.gif
Cost: 60 Production.gif
Upgrades To: Crusader
Special: Is Never Obsolete
Free unit given when Orders from Heaven is discovered

All disciple units share the same two basic functions. They start with the rare medic promotion, speeding the healing of any advancing stack that they accompany. More importantly, perhaps, they can attempt to spread their religion to of your cities, and rivals as well if you have negotiated open borders. There is a higher chance of doing so if there are fewer religions already present in the city.

Acolytes should be sacrificed freely and never upgraded to Crusaders or Confessors, as those units can gain all the promotions that an Acolyte could ever receive.

Civilopedia Entry[]

The aspiring acolyte was taken to the roof of the basilica or temple, alone with the ranking Confessor. It was a ritual, but one the acolyte had never before observed, and so also a test. Below them lies the city, with its teeming inhabitants. Merchants, soldiers, farmers, laborers, nobles, each on his own task.

"Look out, my son," commands the confessor, "and tell me what you see."

"Order," replies the young acolyte calmly.

The confessor smiles. "How do you see order here? Each man follows his own will."

"Order is brought by the law. As we follow the code of Junil, we are able to cooperate with one another, bringing about the ultimate expression of order, civilization. Each man's works contribute to the greater good without him knowing it, so long as those who harbor ill will are constrained by the law."

"What is the greatest temptation of the faithful of Junil?"



"The children of mercy are redemption and injustice. To show mercy to the murderer is to show contempt for the slain, and to grant mercy to the thief is to impoverish his victims. The redemption of a foe is the greatest achievement, but by forgiveness without contrition one is only allowing future suffering. The brother who grants mercy to all sees compassion as his strength; in truth pride is his weakness and the seeds of future misery are sown in the community. Thus mercy must remain the discretion of the gods."

"And so what is your greatest calling?"

"Obedience. Unquestioning Obedience." This exchange complete, the acolyte will be bathed and blessed, a full member of the Order.

- From chapter 2 of Reflections on the State Cults, by Elder Methyl of the Luonnotar.